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Regularly, input of this model are huge blast result files, so we don't run this tool in our database. You can download our Model-Classifier and classify your whole genes on your local computer.

Download Model-Classifier (14 MB)

This zip file also contains a brief tutorial on how to easily classify your sequences using this method.

Classify by blast

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Protein (Amino acid) DNA or RNA (Nucleic acid)

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Classifier hits:
3 5 7 9

Download classify by blast

Simply download and run by blast classifications on your local computer.

Download Blast Classifier (124 MB)

This zip file also contains a brief tutorial on how to start classify by blast on your computer in less than 5 minutes.

Live classify

IDs are discriminated by:
Semicolon Comma Tab Line Space

PQC (5 to 100 percent):
PIdent (15 to 100 percent):
E-value power class (1 to 5):

>>> Using the above selected options, if PQC is 80 or higher, and PIdent is 45 or higher, and E-value power class is 3 or less, the relation between query protein and subject protein is considered as paralog, else it is partial paralog)

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More about Live classify!

Visit the tutorial page to know more about Live classify and how to better use this tool.

PQC: Percent of query coverage
PIdent: Percent of identity
E-value power class:
1: E-value under 1e-100;
2: E-value betweeen 1e-100 and 1e-50;
3: E-value betweeen 1e-50 and 1e-10;
3: E-value betweeen 1e-10 and 1e-5;
3: E-value above 1e-5;