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Table & network results for: AT2G01050
Paralogs and paralogs of paralogs are shown in the following table
Gene Paralog gene CPR MCPR PMPR
AT2G01050 AT3G31430 P PP PP
AT3G31430 AT2G01050 P P PP
AT3G31430 AT2G17905 P P PP
AT3G31430 AT4G02000 P PP PP
AT3G31430 AT3G47920 P P PP
AT3G31430 AT3G42140 P P P
AT3G31430 AT5G36228 P P P
AT3G31430 AT2G02103 P P P
AT3G31430 AT2G41590 P P P
AT3G31430 AT5G25600 P P PP
AT3G31430 AT2G13510 P P PP
AT3G31430 AT2G13500 P P P
AT3G31430 AT2G16676 P PP PP
AT3G31430 AT5G35737 P PP PP
AT3G31430 AT2G17920 P P P
AT3G31430 AT3G57587 P P P
AT3G31430 AT5G25200 P P P
AT3G31430 AT2G13450 P P P
AT3G31430 AT5G18636 P P P

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