University of Tehran | Lab of complex biological systems and bioinformatics (CBB)
Genes-domain network

> Acceptable inputs: Gene ID, PANTHER ID, PFam ID
> Enter a gene ID to retrive a network of the gene, its proteins and its domains.
> Enter a PANTHER ID or PFam ID or domain short description to retrive all genes containing that domain.

Examples: PTHR33510 , AT2G01050

Input type:
gene ID domain ID

Include paralog genes and their domains:
Yes No

Paralogy class data source:

Genes-gene paralogy network (Results takmil ast?)

> Acceptable inputs: Gene ID and gene name
> Enter a gene ID to retrive a network of paralogs and paralogs of paralogs

Examples: AT3G54080 , AT2G01050

Paralogy relation data source:

Include paralogs of paralogs:
Yes No