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CPRs: Number of COMPARA paralogy results (paralog, partial paralog), CPC: COMPARA paralogy class, MCPRs: Number of modified COMPARA paralogy results (paralog, partial paralog), MCPC: Modified COMPARA paralogy class, MPRs: Number of SCiPDB model paralogy results (paralog, partial paralog), MPC: SCiPDB model paralogy class, GPN: Gene paralogy network, GDN: Gene-Domain (s) network

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Species Gene ID Gene name Gene type CPRs CPC MCPRs MCPC MPRs MPC Useful links (Takmil ast?)
Homo Sapiens (Wise man!) ENSG00000131652 THOC6 protein_coding 0, 0 SC 0, 0 SC 0, 0 SC GPN, GDN