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Glossary of abbreviations and acronyms

Term Definition
Ensembl Compara provides cross-species resources and analyses, at both the sequence level and the gene level.
CPC COMPARA Paralogy Class
It means that the source of paralogy class attributed to your query or searched gene comes from COMPARA database. COMPARA database is a part of
MCPC Modified COMPARA Paralogy Class
A by paralogyDB manually curated version of COMPARA data. We defined a series of curation on COMPARA data and called the new dataset MCPC. For example considering all-vs-all blastp of protein-coding genes of a species, if COMPARA suggest no paralogy relation between two genes but we see a blastp hit with PQC > 70 between those two genes, then we change this paralogy relation from pp to p which may lead to change of paralogy class for one or both of genes to HPG.
PMPC ParalogyDB Model Paralogy Class
Paralogy class attributed to a gene using machine learning model introduced by paralogyDB.
PQC Percent of query coverage
Percent of query sequence length that is similar to subject sequence. for example...